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Almost thirty two years back when my Mom and Dad brought us back to our home town. And coming back from a busy town after the completion of my mom's course of Certified beautician my mom realized a great need of a beauty salon in that town because she also felt the people take less care about themselves on order to maintain their hair and skin. Another reason for that was, in that area of about 15 K.M of radius there was no beauty salon also there were lots of people from the area those were living abroad and when they are back to their home town for holidays they had to drive a lot to the get to a salon and that was the beginning of “TOP TOUCH”. My mom opened up her first salon under the name of  “TOP TOUCH BEAUTY PARLOR” in 1987 at a distance of about 10 K.M from home in the town called Mahilpur  in the district of Hoshiarpur (Pujab, India). Initially I used to watch how her hands doing the magic and girls coming in going out of the salon with a big difference on their face and hair. I used go to the salon after my school which was close by. Just by watching I had a feeling that I should do this and I can do it and around 1992 my mom opened her second salon which was near to are home (both of the locations are still in operation). So that was actually the beginning of my journey to where I am today. I was Fifteen when I started doing it everyday after the school and kept learning every day from a very strict mentor “MY MOM” and still I feel there is a lot to learn. Today after the experience of  more than twenty years the journey of learning and building the belief of our clients in  our “TOP TOUCH” is still on.


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